Winning 50/50 tickets:

October drawing
Flora Rectenwald $1607.50
Racheal Norris $100

November drawing
Jill Riegle 
Rachel Norris $100

February drawing
Jurosko Family
MacKenzie Jurosko $100

March drawing
Tyler Stillion 
Lola Stillion $100

April drawing

Shelby Allen

Jalynn Fausnaugh $100

May drawing

Kathy Whitaker


Chase Forman $100

We will Be doing a voluntary 50/50 raffle, this year. There will be 7 raffle drawings. Drawings will be held at Sept., Oct., Nov. Rodeos, Midwinter Meeting, Mar., Apr., May Rodeos.
How this will work:
Each member who wants to participate will sign out 10 tickets. 10 tickets, are all we are asking you to sell per rodeo and there will not be more than 750 signed out, per drawing. You may sign out more if you think you can sell them, but only if we haven’t reached 750. Tickets are $5.00 each. And member selling the winning ticket will receive $100 cash award. 
If you sign out tickets, you are responsible for those tickets. So when you come to the next rodeo, you must have ticket money, ticket stubs, and any unsold tickets. If you do not have them with you, you are responsible for paying the $50 at that Rodeo for the tickets. If at any time you do not, have tickets, ticket money, and ticket stubs and you refuse to cover your $50, you will lose your bonus points at mid winter meeting and you will not be allowed to participate again. 
75 members x 10 tickets=750
750 tickets x $5 = $3500
$1875 to winning ticket holder
$1875 to OHSRA
-$100 to member selling winning ticket. 

OHSRA Sportswear Sale

OHSR sportswear order form.pdf

Get your OHSRA Sportswear!! 

Deadline to order is Oct 13th.